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What do you tell guys who are concerned with their body image/body hair? 

When it comes to massage, what is good booking etiquette?

What do you tell guys who are concerned with their body image/body hair? 

Connecting the dots

Even in the digital age it is still easier for a gay man to find a date than to find quality gay practitioners. Gay Wellness is an online platform that connects clients with quality gay massage therapists and wellness practitioners.

Authenticity and Professionalism

All practitioners have been carefully selected, ensuring you the best options. We emphasize the values of mutual consent, transparency, quality, and professional behavior. We also continue to offer tips and guidance on many wellness topics that are relevant to the gay community.

The go-to for wellness professionals of various kinds:

• Masseurs

• Coaches

• Psychotherapists

• Fitness & Yoga Teachers

• Skin specialists & Barbers 

• Nutritionists


What's the best way to book an appointment?

Start by browsing for a practitioner in your city, read through various profiles until you find the right guy for your specific needs, then reach out to him via text or message through the site. Set up a time with him directly for your very first appointment.

What are your hours?

Our gay massage therapists and wellness practitioners each keep their own specific hours, which are listed on their profiles. As you browse each profile, and look under "hours" section.

Do you offer discounts or specials for disabled people?

Each gay masseur has their own criteria for specials and discounts. sAs you browse for local guys in the area, and you'll see the "Promos" under their profiles.

Do you offer services primarily for gay men?

We are a community of gay/queer-identified men who specialize in various wellness services. While our pre-dominant clientele is gay men, a lot of practitioners are happy to work with nearly anyone. Please browse through the site for more info.

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