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Welcome to a peaceful and tranquil place. I have created a space to renew your strength and inner sense of wellbeing. Let me care for your body, mind and spirit.

Come and get some relaxing time after a day, a week or even months of accumulating tension in your body. A feeling of well-being grants us satisfaction, good health and quality of life. I offer several types of massage:

Holistic Massage My most popular treatment designed to promote relaxation, improve circulation, relieve muscle tension and reduce stress. This type of bodywork can be experienced in a lighter or stronger style depending on the individuals preference. It's a very effective treatment for jet lag.

gay massage in amsterdam

Thai-Yoga Massage: My second most popular treatment brings a firm massage and gentle yoga movements into a profound healing system. According to Ayurvedic science, there is an extensive network of energy lines running throughout the body. It is through the massaging and stretching of this network of energy lines that Thai Yoga Massage releases tension. By allowing energy to flow more freely, the massage works to alleviate problematic conditions such as lower back pain, arthritis, headaches, digestive difficulties, menstrual problems, and stress-related conditions. This massage is performed on a futon on the floor.

Deep Tissue:  These western techniques I use firm pressure and slow strokes that run along the muscles, with some pressure point concentrated on certain areas for maximum benefits according to specific needs or requests. 

Reiki:  Reiki is Japanese natural healing. Is a technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. This technique is possible to heal at any level of being: physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. A treatment feels like a wonderful glowing radiance that flows through and around you. Reiki treats the whole person including body, emotions, mind and spirit creating many beneficial effects that include relaxation and feelings of peace, security and well being.

Foot Reflexology:  The feet are the most important and probably the most neglected part of the body. They needs regular care and attention from time to time to make you feel healthy. In this massage I also apply reflexology technique. According to this technique, each point on the foot is connected, via nerve endings, to tissues, organs and systems of the human body. Handling adequately the exact points of the foot you get a massage as a reflection of the corresponding zone of the body, even influencing areas not reachable by hand, such as internal organs.

foot reflexology in amsterdam

Ayurveda:  In this type of massage warm oil is used for a total full body relaxation. The word, ayurveda is composed of two words of Sanskrit, ayur (meaning life) and veda (meaning knowledge). It deals with matters relating to health, day-to-day life and long life.

Prices will vary according to treatment and its duration.

More about me:

I am a person with strong leaning towards healthy lifestyles. My activities include regular fitness sessions, swimming, meditation and yoga.

I have always wanted to work with the human body, but it wasn't until I studied Massage Therapy and became a professional therapist masseur that I discovered what has now become the big passion in my life. I just love the satisfaction of helping people achieve a deep, therapeutic, relaxation of body, mind and spirit. Many of my early jobs were in office environments, and although I enjoyed them, I always felt there was something missing in my work life, and I am happy that through my work and training in Therapeutic Massage since 2008 I have now found a vocation which gives me as much satisfaction and a feeling of well-being as it does my clients. But this is just the beginning - there is much more to come!

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In-Studio Rates
60 minutes
90 minutes

  • Hours
    Bookings available from 9am till 8pm every day. Outcall massages can also be provided with a fee of 30eur for relocation.
    Started practice in: 2008

    Oct 2008 - Oct 2009
    Alternativ Pzichologiai Es Mozgasterapiai Kozpont
    Hungary, Budapest

    Kleyton Hattawej Reviews

    Submitted by D Michael on 05/28/2023

    90 min of Bliss

    Overall Rating

    Kleyton provided a warm welcome at his well-appointed massage studio. Infused water was offered during his short welcome consult. The massage was very relaxing and combined a number of modalities including hot stone. Left feeling relaxed and renewed. Definitely recommended.

    Submitted by Mark on 03/24/2023

    Great massage

    Overall Rating

    My favourite masseur in Amsterdam. Kleyton provides you with the best massage you can imagine.  

    Submitted by Ben on 03/21/2023

    Excellent massage

    Overall Rating

    I had an excellent massage in a super nice ambiance. Really professional and superb service. Highly recommendable.

    Submitted by Jose on 03/14/2023

    Perfect way to unwind

    Overall Rating

    Kleyton has a gift, his hands and knowledge of his profession will sooth your ached muscles or de-stress you after a challenging day. Totally recommended!

    Submitted by Dan on 03/14/2023

    Classy and clean

    Overall Rating

    Getting a massage with Kleyton was lovely. He has a beautiful studio, and a lot of experience. It’s easy to recommend him.

    Submitted by Maurizio on 03/11/2023

    Professional, competent and caring.

    Overall Rating

    I had the fortune to have Kleyton massages throughout 2 decades. His treatments are always a highly satisfying experience. Professionality, competence and that very special touch ! I cannot wait to the next one. Highly recommended. 

    Submitted by Ingolf on 03/10/2023


    Overall Rating

    Over the last couple of months I've been to Kleyton several times. He welcomed me to his place were it was spotless clean, very inviting and pleasantly warm. The atmosphere is over the top relaxed and I had difficulty to stay awake! Kleyton is a professional!

    Submitted by Thanos on 03/05/2023

    Great massage with hot stones!

    Overall Rating

    Clayton is a great therapist and professional . His technique with hot stones is always the best opportunity toget rid of stress and the daily anxiety. He is highly recommended .

    Submitted by Robert on 03/05/2023

    The perfect relaxation

    Overall Rating

    Kleyton is a very friendly and professional masseur using different kind of techniques to relax or treat your injuries. I have been a long time customer and  fan of his magical massages. So highly recommended ! 

    Submitted by Alfie on 03/04/2023


    Overall Rating

    Welcoming masseur, awesome service. The massage was great, both relaxing and beneficial for my sore back. Will come back soon!

    Submitted by Alessandro on 03/03/2023

    Exceptional massage experience

    Overall Rating

    I highly recommend Kleyton and his company Hattawej Spa Services. He provided exceptional massage services to guests at the Art'otel Amsterdam . Kleyton is skilled, knowledgeable, friendly, and attentive to the needs of each guest. Hattawej Spa Services is professional, reliable, and always delivered high-quality services. Overall, if you're looking for an exceptional massage experience, Kleyton and Hattawej Spa Services are an excellent choice.

    Submitted by Budapest on 03/03/2023


    Overall Rating

    Magical relaxing invigorating. Thnx Kleyton

    Submitted by Joan on 03/01/2023

    Very professional

    Overall Rating

    Cleiton and his team are extremely professional. They know how to run a business and they look after all the small details which make the whole experience so pleasant. I always enjoy their massages and would definitely recommend them. You will be in good hands ;-)

    Submitted by Anonymous on 02/28/2023

    Amazing massage

    Overall Rating

    A great masseuse, perfect environment,  exceptional deep tissue massage, see you soon again

    Submitted by Marco Visser on 02/28/2023

    Amazing hands

    Overall Rating

    For many years I frequent Kleyton for his massages. He is super relaxed and friendly but most of all a highly qualified masseur who sensitivity feels what I need to unwind. He finds the perfect balance between a firm massage to loosen my muscles and less firm movements to make me relax. I can strongly recommend Kleyton who is a true professional and has great energy!

    Submitted by A. Morais on 02/27/2023


    Overall Rating

    I am Alexandre, 35 years old and I travel a lot to Amsterdam for work.After a long day of work, I try to calm down and relax, a working colleague suggested me to have a massage with Kleiton and after the amazing experience every-time I am in Amsterdam make one appointment with him in advance (off course) as he is super busy. I would give him a 10/10. Thank you so much to make my business trips a bit more relax.

    Submitted by Glenn on 02/27/2023

    Amazing massage !

    Overall Rating

    As being a hairdresser a massage keeps me on my feet.After being treated by hattawej i must say I’ve never felt so full of energy.I always take a 90 min massage and its os worth it.I would recommend their massages highly.Well trained and super interested in your well bein !

    Submitted by Everardo Albuquerque Miranda on 02/26/2023

    Amazing treatment

    Overall Rating

    I had a fantastic treatment with Hattawej . It felt great and I left feeling wonderful. I slept like an angel ???? after . I will definitely come back for more . Thanks and namaste ❤️

    Submitted by Roger on 02/26/2023

    Highly professional therapist

    Overall Rating

    I have been having massages given by Kleyton for almost ten years now and I was never disappointed. He is calm and intuitive and uses a variety of techniques. Very professional and highly recommended.

    Submitted by Michiel on 02/26/2023

    Excellent professional massage

    Overall Rating

    Kleyton is very friendly, professional and knowledgeable masseur. Hot towels, hot stones, relaxing atmosphere makes it a great experience. Highly recommended! 

    Submitted by Tim on 02/25/2023

    High quality massage

    Overall Rating

    I have known Kleyton several years now and have experienced a variety of massages over the years. I find Kleyton to be one of the most professional, talented and friendly therapists that I know. He adeptly combines a physical and intellectual connection to help me attain a level of relaxation and rejuvenation that I notice in my sleep and exercise long after the massage. I definitely recommend him and Hattawej for anyone looking for a quality massage.

    Submitted by Fred on 02/24/2023

    Soothing deep relaxation

    Overall Rating

    Kleyton is very welcoming, friendly and talented. Awesome therapy, very soothing and relaxing. Professional service. Highly recommended. Feeling very safe 

    Submitted by Bert on 02/23/2023


    Overall Rating

    This is the best He really take care of you 

    Submitted by Remco on 02/23/2023

    Great massage again

    Overall Rating

    I’ve been a few times now and still finding it one of the best.  Yes I have tried others, and yes I think some are a bit cheaper.  What I like here is a great massage, the feeling after it that my muscles are noticeable ok again, high level of professionalism; clean, hygienic , good vibe. Thanks again! 

    Submitted by Rob on 02/22/2023

    The perfect massage

    Overall Rating

    The perfect massages from one of the most professional therapists I have had. He listens to your needs and knows spot on how to treat them. Total relaxation, thank you Kleyton

    Submitted by Horace on 02/22/2023

    Excellent overall

    Overall Rating

    After your massage I always feel revived, relaxed and happier. The massage really worked on the muscles and mind. My full body feels mended and loosen up. Here I always get the best massage, I left feeling relaxed and happy! Thank you

    Submitted by Rogerio on 02/21/2023

    Amazing massage

    Overall Rating

    Even though I have massage regularly, I never tried Ayurvedic massage. I decided to chose this massage when I contact Kleyton from Hattawej and it couldn’t be better. He is a fantastic professional. Before the massage he ran an anamnesis to understand my health and body conditions, explained how he works, what expect from the massage and then he opened for questions. The massage itself, released all my pains, relaxed me and left an after a while full of energy as if I had a a full night of a deep and restful sleep. A great experience. I can’t recommend Kleyton enough.

    Submitted by Sebastiaan on 02/20/2023

    Incredibly relaxing

    Overall Rating

    Kleyton is the best masseur I know. I have had many amazingly relaxing massages with him. He knows what you need and his massages are always a fantastic treat. I simply love the treatment….

    Submitted by Bert on 02/20/2023

    The best massage you can get

    Overall Rating

    Kleyton has been my masseur for many years. Each massage is given with great attention in a wonderful, peaceful atmosphere. The massages are effective, firm, but also healing and give you a lot of energy afterwards. Kleyton knows how to hit the right spots to make you feel completely recovered. In short, a fantastic masseur!

    Submitted by Matt on 02/20/2023

    Amazing hands!!!

    Overall Rating

    Kleyton is absolutely fantastic! He has the most wonderfully positive yet calming attitude which sets the tone for a brilliantly soothing massage. His hands are amazing! Strong but soft. Would most definitely recommend!!

    Submitted by Ed on 02/20/2023

    Magical hands

    Overall Rating

    I have known Kleyton for several  years now and I keep coming back. His hands   are magical !! His massages make you feel super relaxed. Always a wonderful experience . I highly recommend him.

    Submitted by G-Star Raw on 02/19/2023

    Excellent massage and service

    Overall Rating

    Kleyton’s personal and very professional approach, sense of service and incredible skills as a masseur made this massage experience so pleasant , healing for my body/muscles and highly recommendable. I felt so relaxed yet so energized at the same time when he was done. I will definitely use his services again in the future.

    Peter DeWitt

    Submitted by Peter DeWitt on 01/19/2023

    excellent masseur

    Overall Rating

    Kleyton worked on me and is a very skilled massage therapist. I felt very at ease and in "good hands.I highly recommend him. 

    Fadzil Safuan

    Submitted by Fadzil Safuan on 01/19/2023

    wonderful experience

    Overall Rating

    Had an absolutely wonderful massage experience with Kleyton. The ambience and pressure was excellent. Will definitely make an appointment when I'm in Amsterdam again.

    JuanCarlos Gomez-Montejano

    Submitted by JuanCarlos Gomez-Montejano on 01/19/2023

    magical hands

    Overall Rating

    I had an amazing experience with Kleyton. He is a gentle person with magical hands. I thoroughly enjoyed the massage. Felt really calm and relaxed after the session. The room is immaculate and the oils used smell amazing. Definitely coming back????

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    Kleyton Hattawej Videos

    Intro to my massage practice
    Intro to my massage practice
    Amsterdam, Netherlands

    This is a brief intro to my practice, showing my lovely massage studio, and some pro headshots. Enjoy! View More

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