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The  circle of yoga retreats is for gay, bi men who want to regain balance, release stress, strengthen body and mind, deepen their awareness and arrive to a space of natural joy and inner freedom.  You are all welcome!
Those  retreats have something for everyone and is much more than just a yoga holiday. 
This is an excellent opportunity to stretch, meditate, dance, connect, relax, discover new aspects of your life and practice with friendly, supportive likeminded people.Each time a unique group of men coming together to practice, share, accept, respect and have a sacred time! and always my intention is to help you make the most of it! 
Mykonos, Amorgos, Crete, Athens, Mexico, Portugal, Berlin  


My name is Angelos Ananda.  I'm a yoga teacher and a relational therapy coach,  currently traveling the world sharing my practice and love for yoga. The last 5 years I organise and lead only for gay men spiritual yoga retreats. This beautiful community grow more and more and I am very grateful. Parallel i open a circle of gay men workshops under the title Action of Love in Berlin.

There is nothing more powerful than the energy of sharing with like-minded people – together, we can empower each other to live our lives fully and create a beautiful world. Our true nature is to love and to move from a space of open hearted compassion and acceptance. I support everyone’s journey to return to this simple truth. Love and be gentle with yourself and others.

Visit my website for upcoming yoga teacher trainings and yoga retreats.

Berlin, Berlin
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Angelos Ananda Events

Men Only Spiritual Yoga Retreat, Crete
07/23/2023 5:00 PM

Men Only Spiritual Yoga Retreat 23-30 July  Crete This is an excellent opportunity to stretch, meditate,... View More


Men Only Spiritual Yoga Retreat, Mykonos
05/21/2023 5:00 PM

Men Only Spiritual Yoga Retreat 21 -28 May  24 Sep - 01 Oct  Mykonos  This is an excellent... View More

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