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Posted 08/14/2022 in Massage

When it comes to gay massage, what is good booking etiquette?

When it comes to gay massage, what is some good booking etiquette?

In this video Trevor and Peter discuss booking etiquette for massage, which comes down to one basic principle: respect. As a general rule, don't be lewd when reaching out to your masseur, and don’t treat them like an escort (and we have huge respect for escorts and the work they do). 

Usually, masseurs prefer to take bookings over text, and you can do that easily on the site by clicking on the orange button with their phone number.

text me button for gay massage

It’s good to be up front about any logistical questions you may have about the session - parking, location, rates, styles of massage, oils used, amenities, etc. You don't need to assume anything:  make sure you ask what you want to ask, so that you don't end up feeling disappointed later. 

Remember:  there’s a way of asking for your needs that is respectful, without being lewd. And that’s the basic point with booking etiquette. Masseurs are people after all. And if you’re following the golden rule (which the masseur ought to be following as well), then you can get the most out of your masseur and really relax.