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Los Angeles, CA
(415) 305-5629

Profile Snapshot: Skilled as thougthful partner, mentor and your personal champion with powerful conversations and accountability as key tools for success

Toronto, ON

Calan Breckon is a certified business coach, writer, educator, and podcaster. He teaches Entrepreneurs, Influencers, and Business Owners the profitable action

Los Angeles, CA

Court Vox is a Certified Sex & Intimacy Coach based in Los Angeles, CA who works with GBTQ men, gay couples, straight women, and straight couples.

Barcelona, CT

Hola! Hago Entrenamiento Personalizado Individual o en Grupos, al aire libre o Domicilio del cliente. Entrenamiento Dinámico y Divertido! Seguro que te aburrirás!!

New York, NY
(646) 301-3507

Born and raised in New York City, Steve has a passion and purpose for helping others. His words are compelling, insightful, and are delivered with the

As an astrologist, I am deeply fascinated by the celestial bodies and their movements through the cosmos. I have devoted my life to the study of astrology,

Berkeley, CA
5/5 (1 Review)

I integrate yoga, meditation, and healthy living with actionable steps you can take to connect with other gay men in a much deeper way.

Hudson, NY

I live in the Hudson Valley with my partner and two terriers. My life is well balanced, as I fill my days with things I love.

San Francisco, CA
(415) 766-9629

As a seeker and student of healing wisdom I have always had a curiosity for the nature of the universe and my relationship to it. Growing up I couldn’t

San Francisco, CA
+1 (510) 621-4105

I coach queer men to help them cultivate inner peace and forge their own authentic spiritual path, specializing in those who have left a restrictive religion.

Los Angeles, CA
(801) 318-7080

Between Shamanism and Mysticism lies a magical balance of Shadow and Light, Spirit and Body, Human and Divine. Wild Shamanics excels at creating and leading

TITANOLOGY.WORLD serves as a forum for the LGBTQ+ TITANS in the digital business community to talk shop, share experiences, and contribute tips, advice, and

San Francisco, CA
+1 (415) 312-0108
5/5 (2 Reviews)

I have been a Body Awareness Coach for 8 years and love helping men connect to new physical expression and life enjoyment. Come explore and play with a gay coach.

Los Angeles, CA

Drew Price Organizing provides professional organizing, moving, and registry consulting services, with a focus on sustainability.

Haarlem, NH

Supporting you in experiencing greater ease, agency and pleasure in your body.

Albany, CA
(510) 459-3549

Somatic Coaching is my passion. I will help with issues around sex, intimacy, relationships, dysfunctions or just having another person to talk to about these

Amsterdam, NH

I guide individuals to become more conscious. Through consciousness comes connection to our true self. Through connection with self comes freedom. Through

New York, NY
1 (646) 360-0346

Board Certified Coach | Gay Men's Wellness Coach I support gay men in relieving their stress, building their confidence & courage, and forming deeper connections!

Los Angeles, CA
(310) 971-1895

My name is Stephen, and I am America's Life Coach. I take entrepreneurs, celebrities, and world leaders to the next level.  Sometimes I’m

Amsterdam, NH
+44 7772 661839

I am a movement practitioner who specialises in working with groups to help each individual connect more deeply with their bodies and their own emotional

Portland, OR

I also a the host of the podcast "Cosmic Cousins," a podcast ritual released every New and Full Moon. Hosted by Jeff Hinshaw, Cosmic Cousins is

Canberra, ACT

Hi, I'm Phil and I'm gay and I get lonely. Connect with me and let's de-stigmatise loneliness and promote authentic connection for gay men globally, starting with you.

West Hollywood, CA
(520) 370-4530
5/5 (1 Review)

I specialize in helping gay men heal past pain to gain a greater sense of purpose, self-acceptance, and self-esteem.

Los Angeles, CA
(630) 901-7316

Been burned by the church? I help other gay men free themselves from Church shame through my 10-week program. Message me for info!

London, England

One of the UK''s most unique sex and intimacy coaches. Practical hands-on coaching for men who want to learn, experience and practice body to body with another man.

Birmingham, England

Coach yoga teacher breath worker

Ann Arbor, MI
(989) 329-1103

In late 2021, after spending my entire career in hospitality, I hit a wall. Hard. So hard, in fact, that the only option I saw was to quit my job leading

Calgary, AB

Hi, I'm Matt, and I have spent the last 15 years working in the fields of Mental Health & Addiction Counselling and Transformative Life Coaching where

London, England

I tap into your limitless potential so you can live out your most aligned life. Through my spiritual journey I have acquired and specialised in many different

Toronto, ON

“Let me disrupt the outdated patterns that are holding you back and guide you through this change.” – Yannick Picard Writing about

Toronto, ON

About my Coaching: Gay culture can be a hostile environment in which to thrive. Mounting evidence shows that gay and bisexual men suffer from

Austin, TX

With a background in arts, hospice work, and the recovery, I have the coaching skills to help my clients overcome challenges and create positive change in their lives.

Los Angeles, CA
(336) 937-4395

I am a clinically trained Marriage and Family Counselor/Therapist who has been seeing clients since 2016. I specialize in LGBTQIA+ issues, focusing on relationships,

Los Angeles, CA
(541) 420-6363

My name is Trevor Leeper and I am a queer empowerment coach. As someone who has faced first hand struggles with confidence and negative relationship with

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