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Los Angeles, CA
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Licensed Esthetician trained in peels, microdermabrasion, micro current, extractions and ultra sound therapy

Amsterdam, NH
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I am a movement practitioner who specialises in working with groups to help each individual connect more deeply with their bodies and their own emotional

New York, NY
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Born and raised in New York City, Steve has a passion and purpose for helping others. His words are compelling, insightful, and are delivered with the

Barcelona, CT

Hola! Hago Entrenamiento Personalizado Individual o en Grupos, al aire libre o Domicilio del cliente. Entrenamiento Dinámico y Divertido! Seguro que te aburrirás!!

San Francisco, CA
+1 (510) 621-4105

I coach queer men to help them cultivate inner peace and forge their own authentic spiritual path, specializing in those who have left a restrictive religion.

Los Angeles, CA

Court Vox is a Certified Sex & Intimacy Coach based in Los Angeles, CA who works with GBTQ men, gay couples, straight women, and straight couples.

Toronto, ON

Calan Breckon is a certified business coach, writer, educator, and podcaster. He teaches entrepreneurs, influencers, and business owners the profitable action

Calgary, AB

Hi, I'm Matt, and I have spent the last 15 years working in the fields of Mental Health & Addiction Counselling and Transformative Life Coaching where

Hudson, NY

I live in the Hudson Valley with my partner and two terriers. My life is well balanced, as I fill my days with things I love.

London, England

One of the UK''s most unique sex and intimacy coaches. Practical hands-on coaching for men who want to learn, experience and practice body to body with another man.

Los Angeles, CA
(630) 901-7316

Been burned by the church? I help other gay men free themselves from Church shame through my 10-week program. Message me for info!

Los Angeles, CA

Drew Price Organizing provides professional organizing, moving, and registry consulting services, with a focus on sustainability.

Ann Arbor, MI
(989) 329-1103

In late 2021, after spending my entire career in hospitality, I hit a wall. Hard. So hard, in fact, that the only option I saw was to quit my job leading

New York, NY
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Board Certified Coach | Gay Men's Wellness Coach I support gay men in relieving their stress, building their confidence & courage, and forming deeper connections!

Berkeley, CA
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Life coaching inspired by yoga and Buddhism for personal growth and wellness and business coaching for teachers and healers looking to quickly grow a mindful business.

Toronto, ON

“Let me disrupt the outdated patterns that are holding you back and guide you through this change.” – Yannick Picard Writing about

Amsterdam, NH

I guide individuals to become more conscious. Through consciousness comes connection to our true self. Through connection with self comes freedom. Through

Haarlem, NH

Supporting you in experiencing greater ease, agency and pleasure in your body.

Los Angeles, CA
(336) 937-4395

I am a clinically trained Marriage and Family Counselor/Therapist who has been seeing clients since 2016. I specialize in LGBTQIA+ issues, focusing on relationships,

Canberra, ACT

Hi, I'm Phil and I'm gay and I get lonely. Connect with me and let's de-stigmatise loneliness and promote authentic connection for gay men globally, starting with you.

Los Angeles, CA
(541) 420-6363

My name is Trevor Leeper and I am a queer empowerment coach. As someone who has faced first hand struggles with confidence and negative relationship with

San Francisco, CA
+1 (415) 312-0108
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I have been a Body Awareness Coach for 8 years and love helping men connect to new physical expression and life enjoyment. Come explore and play with a gay coach.

Austin, TX

Actor and Entertainer. I aim to help people laugh and solve problems at artistic businesses. I work at a non profit- Creative Action teaching kids film, art, & drama.

Toronto, ON

About my Coaching: Gay culture can be a hostile environment in which to thrive. Mounting evidence shows that gay and bisexual men suffer from

West Hollywood, CA
(520) 370-4530
5/5 (1 Review)

I help gay, bi, and queer men heal inner scripts and become more self-confident to live a life of purpose, fulfillment, and financial freedom. Do you

Albany, CA
(510) 459-3549

Somatic Coaching is my passion. I will help with issues around sex, intimacy, relationships, dysfunctions or just having another person to talk to about these

TITANOLOGY.WORLD serves as a forum for the LGBTQ+ TITANS in the digital business community to talk shop, share experiences, and contribute tips, advice, and

Birmingham, England

Coach yoga teacher breath worker

Los Angeles, CA
(801) 318-7080

Between Shamanism and Mysticism lies a magical balance of Shadow and Light, Spirit and Body, Human and Divine. Wild Shamanics excels at creating and leading

Los Angeles, CA
(310) 971-1895

My name is Stephen, and I am America's Life Coach. I take entrepreneurs, celebrities, and world leaders to the next level.  Sometimes I’m

Los Angeles, CA
(415) 305-5629

Profile Snapshot: Skilled as thougthful partner, mentor and your personal champion with powerful conversations and accountability as key tools for success

San Francisco, CA
(415) 766-9629

As a seeker and student of healing wisdom I have always had a curiosity for the nature of the universe and my relationship to it. Growing up I couldn’t