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Posted 05/01/2023 in Professional by Rene

Men's group

Online via Zoom
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Men's group
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Do you find it hard to open up? Do you keep others at a distance, which sometimes keeps contacts superficial? And are you curious how other gay men deal with this? Then this men's group is for you. A place where you can be yourself and where you are challenged to develop yourself.

The purpose of the men's group is to share questions that concern you. To learn how to stay connected with yourself and with the other, even when things get complicated. How to stay with your feeling, without being overwhelmed and avoiding it.The set-up is simple: sit and share what is on your mind at that moment. Everything is welcome, every feeling, every fear, frustration, disappointment or anger, just like every joy or gratitude.

Each meeting starts with a short round in which everyone shares what is going on in their lives. There is then room to introduce questions and to discover, practice and learn with and from each other under supervision.As a facilitator, I facilitate the group and monitor the process. For example, I ask in-depth questions to get you to the core. And I make suggestions to invite you to practice new behavior in the group.The group is neither a course nor a therapy. It's a sharing space where we stay in the now more than we dig into the past.

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