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Stripped Back Yoga :: Meditation Laid Bare Matt - The Bearded Naked Yogi is a dedicated practitioner and teacher of hatha yoga and a spiritual philosopher

Berlin, BE
+30 6932909987

My name is Angelos Ananda.  I'm a yoga teacher currently traveling the world sharing my practice and love for yoga. Thank you for taking the time

West Hollywood, CA
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Our history began as a small group of 5-10 guys together in a West Hollywood apartment in the early 2000s, and following the lead of what Aaron Star created

Barcelona, CT
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El yoga es lo que me permite enraizarme y continuar adelante en los momentos difíciles, y cuando más turbulentas son las mareas es cuando más

Atenas, Alajuela Province
(506) 8581-2951

I am 34 years old, I live in a mountain in Costa Rica, I am psychologist and yogi. I practice and learn mindfulness and use them with my costumes. I really

Los Angeles, CA

I’ve been teaching people ever since I was 16. It’s my belief that if you are blessed with a special skill it’s your duty to share it with

Colchester, England

Yoga is a path to unite the mind with the body. A way to look inside and find your true self. Thank you for looking at Shane Alan Yoga to potentially walk

Phoenix, AZ
(602) 565-5413

When we are naked we are all the same!

Los Angeles, CA
(339) 223-2977

I offer private one-on-one yoga lessons, as well as group classes, in person and online. I primarily teach a Hatha-based practice that combines physical postures

Los Angeles, CA
(818) 823-0269
5/5 (1 Review)

From age 20-28 I lived in an intentional community based on yogic principles, and this gave me a strong foundation in the teachings of yoga - not just the

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