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Tired of feeling held back by aches and pains? Whether it's from injury or just a sedentary lifestyle, we become confined and restricted in our ability to move. It’s a chiropractor’s job to not let discomfort keep you from bending down, stepping up, and just overall movement.

Time to investigate all about chiropractic care.

What happens in a chiropractic session?

Let’s look at what actually happens to your body when you get a chiropractic adjustment:

First of all spinal manipulative therapy or SNT is simply defined as:  a high velocity low amplitude thrust that is applied to a joint.

Se habla inglés? 

It’s a quick but not forceful “push” to a body part (ok, usually on the torso). 

The goal? To give patients their moves back, banish the pain and let them live life to the fullest without any limitations. That's right, we're talking about achieving total wellness for your joints, hun.

Every joint within our body is designed to move within a certain range of motion. We have a passive range of motion that we ourselves are not able to engage, and we need to restore proper movement and range of motion to our bodies - which are cramped up with restrictions.

Therefore, chiropractic adjustments are not only beneficial when you’re experiencing pain or you have severe symptoms. They’re also great for maintenance and prevention.

gay chiropractor giving an adjustment in the back

Why see a chiropractor?

When you strain a muscle, have a back ache, a pinched nerve, or arthritis - these are some of the conditions you might have, when you know it’s time to go to the chiropractor.

However, chiropractic adjustments aren't just for pain relief. These pros dig deep to find the root cause and create a plan to take away the problem for good. 

What is that sound though?

Everyone’s cracked their knuckles before - but have you ever wondered what the sound your hearing actually is?

Here’s the science:  When a joint is adjusted, a (nitrogen) air bubble is released from the fluid inside the joint capsule. Thus, pressure changes within the joint and creates a vacuum, which causes the gas to escape and causes the audible “cracking” sound. 

In most cases the sound is not associated with pain. 

It’s a totally harmless thing.

How often to see a chiropractor

Chiropractic adjustments? Personalized just for you! Some patients need more TLC than others, but don't worry, the chiropractor will create a custom plan just for you. 

When it comes to analyzing your body, the chiropractor has got your back! 

Based on your medical history (in the first session they’ll do an assessment to get the scoop on your health history and current situation), they'll let you know how often you need to swing by.  

Sure, more frequent visits may be needed for severe pain, but listen to their recommendations. Some people go for a weekly appointment, while others can wait a whole month - it's all about you and your unique situation. 

Intense pain? More frequent visits. Medical conditions that need extra TLC? More visits. Just looking to keep your bod in check? Every now and then.

The most important thing? Listen to the wisdom of your body, and if the pain starts to fade, you can decide if regular visits are in your future.

That first and follow-up visit

For the first visit, expect it to be a bit longer at the clinic, where the doctor will gather information about your medical history and perform a thorough examination. Diagnostic tests will be done to determine the root cause before creating a personalized treatment plan. 

After that, future visits will include chiropractic adjustments, soft tissue therapy, self-care training, and lifestyle discussions, etc. Remember to consult with your doctor if you have any medical conditions or allergies.

gay man receiving a chiropractic adjustment in the neck

What are the benefits of chiropractic care?

Taking care of chronic pain:

Chiropractic care will provide relief, but it can also lead to long-term benefits for your overall health and wellness. 

Improving the way your body moves:

Everything in your body is connected. For example, did you know that your pelvis controls the movement of every joint above it, up to the head? If your pelvis is not aligned correctly, your whole body’s movement will be off. A chiropractor helps reposition your pelvis so you avoid chronic pain in the future.

Stopping pain at its source

Your chiropractor will find cause of your condition rather than just providing temporary relief for symptoms or putting you on meds. As mentioned, once they find the source of the issue, the rest is… well, history. And by history, we mean - your body will find its natural restructuring. 

In between sessions?

When you do things right in between session - that is, healthy, natural movement with good postural awareness, you shouldn’t need to come in to the chiropractor as often. Yoga, walking, movement, and exercise are like the vitamins you need in order to have a healthy body.

However, if you’re quite sedentary (sitting is the new smoking!), you’ll definitely be needing more TLC from my Chiro. And that costs money! Even though it’s well worth it.


From your head, shoulders, knees, and down to your toes:  chiropractors treat it all. Your body moves differently from day to day, and some motions can feel uncomfortable. When these abnormal patterns cause painful problems, chiropractic adjustments can help you feel like your best self again.

If you want to book a chiropractor, please do visit our Health & Wellness section, which has gay and queer male chiropractors all over the world. Our Los Angeles page is our base network, where you can find a chiropractor near you today!

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