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I do energy healing, working remotely.

If you are ready to let go of things that lower your vibration

I can help you!

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State of Rio de Janeiro
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Where I Work
60 minutes
Training / Certification
Aug 2009 - Jun 2015
Master of Education
University of Oulu
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  • Quantum Reiki Master
  • Law of Attraction Coach

Entrepreneur in Energy Healing, meditation, coaching


I do energy healing work remotely. How it works? After you have booked, we schedule a session. The session will be held through a video call. If you know Reiki, you already know something about my work. I work with different healing energies and different entities including Quantum Reiki, Archangels, 12 Rays, to name few. You can think it as an aura cleanse and chakra balancing. During the session I guide you to a meditation and I bring the energy to you. If you are sensitive to energies, you feel it physically. You set an intention for each session. What is it that you need? Your Higher Self is in charge in the session and that higher part of you has tools to help you with _any_ obstacle/issue you have in your life. I do not promise any results, because the result are not in my hands. But I have seen people reveiving fast shifts with their issues. Practical guidance from spirits world and significant lightening of their energy. If you come to me, you have to understand, that we are asking help from non-physical forces. It is in your hands, and in theirs, how much is it that you can take. Are you ready to level up? Many people are not. They are too in love with their problems. They say "I want to be free of this", but when they are offered an situation to let it go, they can't - Problems are important part of identity to many. If you are ready to let go of the things that pull you down, ready to get lighter, let's go! I also offer meditation sessions/lessons. We meditate together having a video call open. Having done few sessions with me it is much more easier to start having meditation as an daily routine - and that will benefit you immensely.

I was looking for something that would offer me income without binding me to any specific geographical location, and the path appeared.

My clientele has been 98 % female, people consciously on the process of so called spiritual evolution. I am wanting to have more male customers now. I enjoy people who do not take spiritual growth too seriosly. It definitely should not be serious business. As Bashar has said: "The first step towards true enlightenment is to lighten up on yourself."

Before the session make it clear to yourself what is it that you wish to be helped with. I consider myself as a facilitator. I only facilitate the session bringing the energies to you, but what happens during the session is not in my hands. I do not interfere. I just open the door. For users my session are naturist friendly. Let me know.

Energy Healing and meditation Specialties

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