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Welcome to the Amsterdam city page for Gay Wellness practitioners.Over time we will be featuring gay masseurs, coaches, therapists, fitness trainers, yoga teachers, skin specialists, barbers, nutritionists and more in the Amsterdam area.

We are currently mainly focused on featuring gay masseurs. As we continue to develop the platform, we will be adding practitioners from other industries.

We feature the best and most professional gay and queer masseurs to be found in the Amsterdam area, and we do so out of a passion and commitment to making sure you have a good experience.

We don’t take the art of massage lightly, and we know how important it is to have a quality male massage therapist who responds to your needs. If you do get a massage from one of them, please leave them a review, as this will help their ranking on the site.

Amsterdam is a thriving city, full of amazing gay wellness practitioners. So much diversity, so much talent, so many wonderful people come to live here. The “gay massage” space in Amsterdam is one that has often been convoluted and hard to navigate. We are not saying our website is perfect, but we do aim to please!

We hope you enjoy, and as always, write to us if you have any thoughts or concerns.