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My Approach

I am known to be able to create a safe space, so that you feel totally comfortable to fully open yourself up. Change can be scary, but having gone through so much change and growth in my life I can promise you that you are in safe hands. I am not your every day coach. I don't take myself or life too seriously and I see the limitless love in everyone, no matter what you've been through. 

Have a look at my IG that way you can get a real feel of who I am and if we're a right fit. Click the button below.

It is important that you have something you want to work on, as the session is client led. I then tune into your energy field to see what is going on in regards to the problem we are working on. 

The whole process is very harmonious; we focus on where the emotion is located in the body, and then allow it to bring us to a memory which than brings us to a limiting belief. We then muscle test the belief to make sure it is real or not. This is unlike any healing you would have experienced- its energetic, physical and emotional. We work multidimensionally to make sure that all aspects of the particular issue is healed. A guarantee is that you will be different by the end of the session. 

As previously mentioned, I work with clients for either 4 to 6 months minimum, as that is when they experience the true benefits. Of course within one session I can help you shift a trauma, or a deep limiting belief but it's the difference from going to the gym once and choosing to go to the gym for 6 months- you'll see the results more with the latter.


I tap into your limitless potential so you can live out your most aligned life. Through my spiritual journey I have acquired and specialised in many different modalities, and have blended them to make my own. I am very intuitive and use mostly clairaudience, sentience and voyance during our work together.

I care deeply about others and understand how challenging life can be. My mission is to guide you on your journey back to your authentic self. I believe that we are all divine beings of light with limitless capacity, but we have forgotten our true power. I am here to help you remember.

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Are you ready to change your life? Are you wondering what is blocking you from your fullest potential? Would you like to experience a greater sense of connection and confidence within yourself? Are you tired of experiencing the same thoughts, energy, and feelings?

My mission is to help you on your journey back to your true authenticity. Perhaps you’ve had a belief system that keeps rearing its ugly head and you’re just tired and ready to shift it. Maybe you’ve done therapy, you know the story you’re telling yourself but you still can’t move through it. Or simply, you are ready to become the best version of yourself, void of limiting beliefs that keep dictating certain social, work or familial scenarios, so that you can live your best life.

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My Story:

Many years ago, I had terrible self-esteem issues. I didn’t love myself, and I definitely did not think I was good enough. After a traumatic drug induced experience that brought me to the darkest corners of my mind, I began a transformational journey and spiritual awakening that brought me to remembering my own light.

I have to make very important decisions in my life- I am no stranger to living an authentic life and removing myself from the dangerous comfort zone. I have experienced it first hand, going from hating myself to having more LOVE for MYSELF. After 8 years of learning and working on my limiting beliefs, my light shines brighter than ever and I love nothing more than supporting others in returning to their own light too.

111 Angel Street
London, England
United Kingdom
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Where I Work
Online Only - Zoom
90 minutes

My prices are premium because I give premium value and help get the results they are looking for. Having worked with 100's of clients I have found doing single sessions counterintuitive. It's the difference of hitting the gym once as opposed to going for 4-6 months. This is why I offer either a 4 month container or 6 month container. I also have a group program available as well.

We go in deep. Not stone is left unturned. I specialise in helping the client shift their negative feelings/beliefs/memories to ones that serve them rather than harm them. I use my spiritual gifts to connect to my client, and I never end the session until I and the client feels that what we have been working on is complete.

Goodness me. From a young age I have always been very intuitive and an empath, but with a rather strict and old fashioned father and a religious mother was never given the space to discover this part of me. Like many of you, I was closeted and hated my life. I was suicidal and very, very angry. I drank and did drugs, and didn't excel at school, unlike my brother. I wanted to be an actor, in hindsight the reason was because I wanted validation and to be loved. In 2012 I got further into drugs and had a drug psychosis, coupled with a spiritual awakening. I was convinced I was evil, thus the journey back to self love and Light began. I went to countless retreats, and tried all sorts of esoteric things. Gradually I realised that I wasn't evil at all. I began to do different classes and found that I was able to hear things very clearly about the person in front of me. The different practices I trained in helped me release the limiting beliefs I had created when I was child and past life behaviour. Within 6 months I was a completely different person, and the rest is history I guess.

I have worked with political consultants, journalists, consultants, multi million business owners and high level executive directors.

What are you ready to let go of? Where do you want your life to be? Why do you want this and are you committed to change?

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