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 With my coaching approach, we focus on your ‘self’ the self is the entity inside of you that witnesses every emotion, thought, and experience. We will break down spiritual and mindset barriers and you’ll learn about self acceptance and how to exert your power of choice and mindset over whatever life may throw at you.


My name is Trevor Leeper and I am a queer empowerment coach. As someone who has faced first hand struggles with confidence and negative relationship with themselves stemmed from identity and childhood experiences,  I come from a place of understanding. I’ve helped people break through the obstacles that seem to be holding them back from forming a genuine and true relationship with their deeper self. This is your only chance at experiencing this beautiful life as the person you are today so let me help you learn and develop a better mindset, daily routine, and positive relationship with yourself. I will supply you with the tools to better accomplish your personal and spiritual goals. It’s always easier to accomplish goals with someone holding you accountable, so I will also be that person to hold you accountable to your growth.

Los Angeles, California
United States
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