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My Approach

I invite curiousity, body wisdom and knowing, along with willingness to represent and they repeatedly show up.


As an intimacy consultant and somatic sex sexologist in Los Angeles, I provide a non-judgmental space while offering body-based learning, which involves coaching in breath, movement, and sound

I address concerns such as body shame & awareness, boundary-setting, communication, ageism, anatomy, sensate focus, intentional touch, erotic trance, kink, feeling stuck in sexual roles and identities (are you always dominant, always submissive?), and other teachings about sex. 

My work draws from sexological bodywork, tantra, & BDSM practices and is designed to nurture, deepen and/or awaken the sensual self. I work in private immersion with clients for three days minimum and five days maximum. 

8314 Beverly Blvd
Los Angeles, California 90048
United States
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Where I Work
Los Angeles/ Globally

I offer 3-5 Day Immersions where I work with clients in private retreat for 3-5 days. We start at 10a and finish each day around 5p. I serve lunch for clients in between sessions.

I do not offer 1 or 2 hour sessions nor do I offer 1 day sessions.

You can read more about my offerings on my website at

Training / Certification
Sep 2018 - Dec 2019
Somatic Sex Education
SSEA; Vancouver, CA

I charge $1600/ day and I work a minimum of 3 days, max 5

Exploratory call To see if the partnership is a fit. Intake form and intake call to verify goals and intentions, sexual history, etc

Learning rope bondage with a psychotherapist who was my practice rope bunny.

I work with GBTQ men as well As gay couples. I also work with straight & queer woman, and straight couples.

Their intentions for working with me.

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