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Gay Massage, Pasadena: Nestled in the Valley

Living in Pasadena

Having a gay massage in Pasadena is always possible - there are plenty of guys who live in this area. But let's take a look at Pasadena, this calm and quiet neighborhood at the foothills of the San Gabriel mountains. Home of the annual Rose Bowl, Pasadena is diverse, with a clean and well organized urban-suburban-mix feel. There are some good restaurants in Old Pasadena, which has Victorian and Art Deco buildings.

Besides being sunny year-round, living there gives you the benefit of living close to Los Angeles with very few of its hassles. The landscape architecture is not bad either!

gay massage in Pasadena downtown and mountains

Gays in Pasadena

Pasadena provides a slower, more small-town feel for gay men looking for that lifestyle. It’s also a very LGBTQ-friendly city, so much so, that in fact, The Advocate named Pasadena the second “Gayest City in America” in 2014. Their criteria includes the number of LGBT city officials, the number of lesbian households, gay rodeo associations, and good gay-friendly bars listed.

PFLAG Pasadena and the San Gabriel Valley LGBTQ center are well-known for supporting its LGBTQ residents wide variety of ways. 

In June 2021, locals banded together to save the Boulevard, which is the only gay bar left in Pasadena, but has been around since 1979. Known for its casual ambiance, excellent karaoke, good music, and strong drinks, it’s a great bar to slide into on a night out in Pasadena.

About Gay Massage in Pasadena

There is a good mix of gay masseurs in Pasadena, and we are eager to feature them on our Los Angeles gay massage directory. Whether you're looking for a Swedish Massage or Stretch Therapy, if your desire is to relax in this quiet town, you're in business!

gay massage Pasadena with Jeremy stretch therapist

Check out Jeremy's site, as he's one of Pasadena's finest gay masseurs.

We recommend giving the masseur as much notice as possible before booking that massage. If you're in the Pasadena area, browse our listings here, or head over to the homepage, and type in the zip code 91101 or 91103, and you'll see them.

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