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Hollywood, the Neighborhood 

As we know it, Hollywood is the entertainment capital of the city, the state, the country, and indeed, the world. Sandwiched between Los Feliz and West Hollywood, it has a charm and grit all of its own kind. Besides the Academy Awards and the usual tourist traps, Hollywood offers scenic views of the hills, funky architectural styles, and taco trucks that can be found all over town. It's highly diverse compared to many neighborhoods, boasting a 42% population of Latinos. 

car in Hollywood

Gays in Hollywood

Hollywood is a town defined by cultural success, and the social hierarchies based on that success. Some gay men complain that it's hard to be a "normal person" and have friends while constantly trying to impress everyone. Everyone in Hollywood dreams of making it big in the industry, but once they're in it, they're ready to get out of it before you have a mental breakdown. 

And the Hollywood movie business still hasn't caught up to the current times regarding gay male character roles. They still won't allow "out" gay actors to portray straight male roles in film and television. Until that shifts, many gay and lesbian actors will continue to remain closeted. Showbiz in general doesn't mind what happens behind closed doors, but they will try to keep it out of public sight, so their identity doesn't get revealed to the public.

However, living as an ordinary, non-famous gay man in Hollywood can be a light and easygoing affair. It's easy to run into other gays, whether at the gyms or coffee shops, and there are plenty of opportunities to let your freak flag fly. Speaking of which, Gay Pride is moving to Hollywood (previously in West Hollywood) for the first time in 2022.

Like its history of the first immigrants moving there, Hollywood still ushers in acceptance to anyone fleeing religious, social, or ethnic constraints.

About Hollywood Gay Massage...

Hollywood is thick in the center of LA, and draws a high amount of gay masseurs to come and set up shop. 

We recommend you give your masseur as much notice as you can before you want to schedule your massage. If you're in the Hollywood area, you can browse our listings here, or head over to the homepage, and type in the zip code 90027 or 90028, and you'll see them.

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