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Finding a M4M Massage Near Me: Why We Do It

When I think about how go about finding a M4M massage near me, all I have to do is look around. It's true that it's not always easily apparent just where to find these masseurs. It's also true that many massage therapists promote themselves on websites that don’t really serve their business purposes. So if you happen to see them on Grindr - they are probably trying to avoid the ban that’s in place there for soliciting services. (Barbers usually display the little barbershop emoji to show they are around.)

But mostly, these gay men who are wellness practitioners work in ordinary professional environments - the local yoga studio, the gym, the large company. So, there is a whole plethora of masseurs that can be found apps, websites, and other listings. Any city with a thriving, or even decent, gay scene will be overflowing with masseurs (such as the Los Angeles gay massage culture). Gay massage is simply the most popular wellness service in our community, and everyone knows it. It’s pretty instinctive.

Why is this m4m massage thing such a big deal? Why do men prefer gay massage with another man? Is it just because they are wanting a sensual experience, or is there more to it?

When getting a massage, it’s simply a fact that gay men prefer to be worked on by a gay masseur. Gay male masseurs understand the male physique, and feel comfortable working on their bodies. There is no stigma around sensitive areas, they don’t have to worry about draping, they don’t feel like a woman will be touching their sensitive areas, and they won’t feel self-conscious about their bodies. 

Bottom line:  you should feel comfortable disclosing your gender and sexuality. And you should get a massage with another gay man

m4m massage Fabio in Los Angeles

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Los Angeles Masseurs

Home Page

These gay masseurs are available in  West Hollywood/ and Los Angeles area:

m4m massage Leo in Los Angeles

Massage by Leo

(Los Angeles, CA) I have a welcoming energy and I hope I could make you feel comfortable while receiving a massage in my home studio in West Hollywood!

m4m massage Mike in Los Angeles

Massage by Mike

(West Hollywood, CA) My primary goal is that you leave feeling completely stress-free. Let me help you relieve the stress that work, family, and life, in general, may bring.  I customize my pressure and technique to your needs. Holding on to stress can cause soreness in all muscles groups, just tell me what's been bothering you and I can help you physically, mentally, and even emotionally. 


m4m massage Zen Bodywork in Los Angeles

Massage by Zen Bodywork

(Los Angeles, CA) Everybody can benefit from a massage and my mission is to spread that message. It is my priority to make you feel comfortable and at ease.  Your body does so much for you every day, so why not take the time to treat yourself right and give back to your body, mind, and spirit.  

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