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With a pianist's hands, I offer skilled bodywork that is nourishing and attuned to your body. I mainly work with Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Thai styles, and I offer a full-body deeply delicious massage experience. I use a wide variety of techniques, including Shiatsu, Energy Healing, to Craniosacral Therapy, Stretch Therapy, Myofascial Release.

gay masseur giving a gay massage

Each session is based on your unique needs. With long lavish strokes and digging in with elbows and fists, I use compression, stretching, to melt your stress away. I am deeply attuned to your energy and body, in the unique state that I encounter you each time.

I also offer Energy Healing session, a Trauma Touch therapy session, as well as 1-on-Yoga sessions. (see more below)

Other types of sessions

cbd oil and herbs

Trauma Touch Therapy

As a certified Somatic Therapist, we can revisit past events, toxic relationships, boundary work, and all kinds of energy that's stuck or blocked with my specific approach. 

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smudge stick for energy healing

Energy Healing Session

I bring in Reiki, Acupressure, Intuitive Healing, Craniosacral Therapy, and other modalities  with to help move the blockages in your body.  

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yoga teaching in nature

Yoga Session

I bring aspects of my training in yoga, meditation, and somatic therapy coach with my regular clients to help them have balance in body, mind, and spirit.

Visit my Yoga profile

Call, text, or simply book me here at this link as well, to book through my calendar.

I'm available for both incalls in West Hollywood and outcalls in the Southern California area. I am based in West Hollywood, near La Cienega/Santa Monica Blvd.

I'm part of the amazing Los Angeles gay massage community, and am open to working with all LGBTQ+ identities.



La Cienega Boulevard & Santa Monica Boulevard
Los Angeles, California 90069
United States
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In-Studio Rates
60 minutes
90 minutes
120 minutes

Out-Call Rates
60 minutes
90 minutes
120 minutes

  • Hours
    Mon - Sun: 10 a.m. - 10 p.m.
    Started practice in: 2017

    Oct 2016 - Oct 2017
    Certified Practitioner - O.I. Somatic Touch
    Berkeley, California

    Peter Reviews

    Kleyton Hattawej

    Submitted by Kleyton Hattawej on 01/16/2023

    Just divine!!!

    Overall Rating

    I had a very nice massage from Peter while he was in Amsterdam, just what I needed for my tense neck, back & shoulders. The massage was with the perfect toch, nice and very firm as I requested. He really seemed to know what he was doing.Again, thanks so much for it!

    Submitted by Cary on 09/27/2022


    Overall Rating

    <span style="-webkit-text-size-adjust: 100%;">I am constantly looking for the perfect one. </span>Today I think I had it.  I came home tired, grumpy needy & wanted a strong massage. His hands are AMAZING!Booked 90 minutes he stayed much longer & I never felt he was watching the clock which I hate. He’s everything & then some. If you just want a great massage this is it!!!

    Submitted by Santiago on 09/22/2022

    Great technique.

    Overall Rating

    Peter is a very nice and sweet guy, scheduling was easy and his place is clean and comfortable table. From the moment he starts the massage you can tell Peter is an expert at what he does.  He makes sure the pressure is just right and that you are feeling good at all times. I hope to come back soon for another session.

    Submitted by Dave on 09/15/2022

    Very Thorough and Very Sincere!

    Overall Rating

    I've had a couple of massages by Peter and let me tell you the first thing I notice about him is he is sincere.  For me it's important to feel a connection with your massage therapist and I feel that connection. I appreciate him.   He resonates sincerity to help you feel better.  He gave me a thorough massage.  He noticed some of the tightness since I hadn't worked out for a few weeks and just started getting back to it again. He helped relieve those knots.  His voice is also soothing which adds to the relaxation I felt.  He uses his hands, elbows, and body weight to  the massage.  As others have also noted, he checks on the pressure to make sure you are comfortable.I've had a couple massages and plan on being a regular!  Thanks Peter!

    Submitted by Mark A. on 04/30/2022

    Does it get any better ?

    Overall Rating

    I had the great pleasure of an appointment with Peter recently, while he was in Palm Springs. From the moment we met, I could sense his kindness, and knew I was in for a treat. He gives an incredible full body massage, and uses his entire body to apply pressure as needed. I also knew almost immediately after he started, that I would regret not booking 90 minutes.I left the session walking on air, and feeling totally renewed and satisfied. I am looking forward to his next visit..

    Submitted by J.G. on 04/17/2022

    Attentive & focused

    Overall Rating

    I had my massage with Peter and was very impressed. I had a stroke last year and he was very attentive & careful of my needs. Impressive!

    Submitted by David on 04/07/2022

    Simply Fantastic!

    Overall Rating

    Peter was very responsive in booking and offered flexible times to meet my demanding schedule. When I arrived he gave me clear instructions for parking and was ready to get started right away. The combination of touch and stretching was incredible. He has a technique to even hit those tough to get out knots. I would wholeheartedly give him my recommendation and will be sending people to see him. 

    Submitted by George on 03/08/2022

    The whole package

    Overall Rating

    Peter was extremely deft with his hands and had a very intuitive touch. His touch was firm and decisive, yet smooth and relaxing. He also had a warm bedside manner that made me feel comfortable from the moment he greeted me. He would also check in with me from time to time to make sure I was doing ok. It was a great massage that released the tightness I was feeling and yet left me feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. Peter comes highly recommended.

    Submitted by Neal on 12/13/2021

    Peter embodies massage

    Overall Rating

    Peter embodies massage. He doesn't just use his hands, he uses his head and his heart and his whole body, in fact, to give an intuitive, fusion-style massage that incorporates elements from a number of different massage traditions - Swedish massage, Thai Yoga Massage, lomilomi.  He has a relaxed Californian style and surfer good looks that helped me to feel really comfortable with him. Can't wait to book him again!

    Submitted by Nick on 12/06/2021

    Above and Beyond

    Overall Rating

    I seldom leave reviews but the quality of massage I received from Peter deserves an exception. From the moment he greeted me to the moment the massage was over, I was completely relaxed and at ease. Peter is legitimately the best masseur I’ve ever had. He incorporates several different techniques and always ensures you’re comfortable. This experience was better than any 5 star spa could have ever provided. If you get the opportunity to book a massage, do not hesitate and see for yourself! 

    Gavin Leiland

    Submitted by Gavin Leiland on 11/24/2021

    Sweet Pete

    Overall Rating

    It's hard to put into words how much I valued my massage appointment with Peter…worth every penny, for starters! My knees felt sore from all the stretching/yoga positions that I do. I was really amazed at how great I was feeling after he massaged me and my sore legs. I felt wonderful, re-energized, fully refreshed, and my daily tensions and stresses removed, those painful joints and muscles were healed.I heartily recommend him to anyone seeking a very effective & professional massage. If you walk in with some aches, pains, you will leave his place relaxed and good as new.

    Daniel Johnson

    Submitted by Daniel Johnson on 11/20/2021

    best massage I've had in a long time

    Overall Rating

    Peter delivers something really special. he uses his body weight in ways that are unique, he uses deep tissue techniques that really get into the knots, and he's overall very attuned to the body. I appreciate his warm, friendly personality, in this jungle of gay massage. I'd recommend him!

    Submitted by Dan on 11/12/2021

    Strong and Healing

    Overall Rating

    I just had a much needed massage session with Peter, and I would highly recommend others do as well.Peter was easy to talk to, and he was able to accommodate a same-day appointment fairly quickly.The session itself was fantastic. I am dealing with some body aches and pains, and Peter was able to focus on on those areas without neglecting the overall massage. He was strong in the areas that needed that effort, while creating a overall experience that was gentle and relaxing. I would definitely book again!

    Submitted by André on 11/03/2021

    Different level

    Overall Rating

    I had a wonderful time with Peter. I didn't know what to expect but he surprised me with his different techniques, firm but sensitive. serious but playful.  I have to say that is really enjoyed all of it. Besides that is he an easy person to talk to. Definitely going back to him 

    Submitted by Frans on 11/01/2021

    A great experience

    Overall Rating

    I had a 90min full body massage. I didn’t know what to expect but Peter surprised me with his special different techniques: firm and gentle, distant and intimate . Peter is a professional, well trained masseur, technically too.  Besides that, Peter is a great person and easy to connect, I fully recommend him. Unfortunately he is away from Amsterdam for the coming months. I really hope he will return soon

    Submitted by Patrick on 11/01/2021

    Great strong massage

    Overall Rating

     I felt good and I felt good the day after. no mucle pains or strange feelings. All nice and ok.  Thx

    Submitted by Andy on 10/30/2021

    Ultimate therapeutic experience

    Overall Rating

    I can attest to Peter's massage expertise here in Amsterdam, as I had a 90 minute massage therapy session with him recently. He was able to accommodate me at relatively short notice and was very easy to communicate with upfront. I felt totally at ease in his company and he left me utterly rejuvenated and totally relaxed afterwards simultaneously! I'd highly recommend him. A total professional.

    Submitted by Frankie on 10/30/2021

    Best massage of my life.

    Overall Rating

    It was the first time I had a massage from Peter but if I am lucky it wil not be my last. It was one great experience and he touched my body in a true unique way. He not only used his hands but his whole body. And he didn't miss any part of my body with his massage. Sometimes he uses a sort of hard pressure technique but he also applies soft and sensual strokes to bring you in other world. Without any doubt one of the best massages of my life.

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