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Book a Real Gay Massage with a Legitimate Masseur

When you book a massage, you should book with a legitimate masseur, and preferably someone who is licensed - this way you get the "real gay massage"  experience. 

If you book with someone whose aim is solely to satisfy those desires coming from the nether region, you're selling yourself short. Always aim to get a massage from someone who has training, and whose massage is aimed at taking of care of your body. These goals include, but are not limited to:  loosening your joints, draining your lymph glands, reducing your stress, removing your headaches, and soothing an injury.

Do you associate a "legit" massage with lots of deep pressure? That's not always the case! There may be some soreness the next day (usually the soreness is because of the toxins that are draining out of you), but trust us, you will not regret those sensations, because you'll feel more loose, open, and unrestricted in your movement. 

One thing to remember about a real massage is that it shouldn’t be painful - if something hurts, just tell your masseur and he'll back off. When the massage is over, you may feel lightheaded and dizzy. It's totally normal. 

If you feel confused when looking through all these listings of different masseurs, and you're looking for a safe space and positive environment, read our article for more tips on booking. 

Noam offers a real gay massage with a legitimate masseur

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Los Angeles Masseurs

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These gay masseurs present their high-quality massage services:

Massage by Michael

(Seattle, WA) Enjoy a massage on a heated table with warmed lotion. It is cold, again in Seattle. After a thorough consultation you will enjoy one of the following services or a combination of them all.

Massage by William

(Seattle, WA) My sessions are integral in nature and fuse many different healing styles I have practiced over the last 10 years; massage, Reiki, breathwork + somatic techniques to remind your body of its innate homeostasis and radiance. 


Massage by Nate

(Oakland, CA) I’m an expert in men's health, I offer this to my community in oakland if you are in search for a thorough massage, I can assist. We will work together to meet your needs. In a session we focus on movement of the body with deep relaxation, and opening. 

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