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Vaccinated against Covid-19 and Monkeypox

Come in, lay down, and let my intuitive hands take over.

My unique massage style is designed to facilitate your relaxation, improved circulation and tension release. If desired, I can blend in my signature feather-touch massage to awaken your sensual energies and make you feel sensations you didn't know you could feel.

All of this takes place in a zen, serene environment with amazing views, and with very relaxing music playing in the background. My goal is to make you feel relaxed, renewed and reinvigorated when you leave.

Our sessions are completely confidential and discreet.

4-hand massage available on request.

I generally do in-calls, but I'm happy to do out-calls on a case-by-case basis.

If interested, please send me a text with your name, the length of massage you’d like, and detail any areas of concerns you might have. The more info you give me in your initial text the better.

I look forward to seeing you soon!

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For each massage type you pick, you can choose from Therapeutic, Swedish/Relaxation, Deep Tissue or Sensual options; or you can chose to blend two of those options.

Men's  Bodywork M4M Massage

Starting at $150 for 60 minutes

Experience touch like you should. Massages are great for relaxation and by their very nature touch us physically, emotionally and sensually. Some days, you just want to set your burden down and let the worries of life just melt away for a while. Come in for a massage, lay down, and let my intuitive hands take over. Choose a massage style, or a blend of them and decide how much pressure you want.

Men's Massage & Cuddle Combo

120 minutes — $240

Get the ultimate pampering session - a relaxing massage, followed by an even more relaxing cuddle session! Walk in with your burdens and leave feeling as light as a feather. Cuddling is great for lowering heart rate, blood pressure and the stress hormone cortisol. It also increases your body's production of the feel-good hormone oxytocin and helps you sleep better.

The Tantric Massage Experience

120 minutes — $240

Let’s go on a journey of gay tantra delights that take connection, sensuality, and touch to a whole new level! It requires your participation and attention to breath, sound and sensation. It involves your full body — including your intimate areas — to raise your sexual energy, deepen the intimacy between you and your partner, and increase your mindfulness of sexual pleasure and your body.

4 Hand Men's Bodywork Massage

Starting at $400 for 60 minutes

Experience the pleasure of particularly heightened sensations by having a 4-hand massage instead of just 2! Massages are great for relaxation and by their very nature touch us physically, emotionally and sensually. Come in for a massage, lay down, and let our intuitive hands take over. Choose a massage style, or a blend of them.

Treat Yourself today.

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Wilcox Avenue & Waring Avenue
Los Angeles, California 90038
United States
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In-Studio Rates
60 minutes
90 minutes
120 minutes

Out-Call Rates
60 minutes
90 minutes
120 minutes

  • Hours
    10:00 am - 11:00 pm
    Started practice in: 2018

    Diploma in Massage Therapy
    Massage Training Certificate

    Trevor James Reviews

    Submitted by RJ on 03/23/2022

    I love my masseur

    Overall Rating

    Trevor is obviously gifted and professional with my massages. He customizes my massages before he begins every time. For so long my urgency to find something that can relax me, motivate, and remind myself why massage is the very thing why I LOVE Trevor's massages. His touch is so important and sincere to me. At times I’ve felt uneasy about life’s decisions and his massages and education on his website iron it all away. His touch is amazing and perfection in my opinions. I have so much to be thankful for including knowing Trevor's practice to massage. Every reservation for massage has surpassed my expectations and never gets boring. I would like to say thank you for every effort you provide for my massages. I can’t wait till I rebook. My best massage indeed.


    Submitted by Nate on 03/08/2022

    Excellent massage

    Overall Rating

    The massage was perfect blend of deep tissue with sensual. Totally rejuvenating & relaxing. Trevor is among the very best as masseur & gracious host.

    Reply From Trevor James

    Thanks, Nate! It was a pleasure working with you. I look forward to seeing you again.
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