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Pride Recovery LA provides addiction treatment for our LGBT community, through LGBT-affirmative therapy, group and individual therapy, and psychiatric care.

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), reports that LGBTQ people are about 30% more likely than members of the general population to suffer from addiction. Not only that, LGBTQ people who go to traditional treatment for their addiction have a recovery rate that is 60% lower than non-LGBTQ people who access that same treatment.

That’s why we need LGBTQ-specific treatment, not only for drug/alcohol addiction, but for all substance and behavior addictions. The reason? Shame.

They say that addiction is a boat floating on a sea of shame. This is even more true for LGBTQ people, who have developed selves against a backdrop of shame-driven secrecy and coded interaction. Why? Because we had to. Because for us, the world has been rejecting at best and dangerous at worst. But the strategies that have helped us survive, including our addictions, are now keeping us from authentic connection, connection that is at the heart of finding sustainable recovery. That’s why we need to work with other LGBTQ people to create sober lives worth living.

At Pride Recovery LA, we’re here to address shame and build pride. Pride in Self. Pride in Sobriety. Pride in Community.

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Los Angeles, California 90048
United States
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