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Graded Exposure Stretching for Pain Relief

Graded Exposure Stretching for Pain Relief

Living with chronic pain can be scary and it can make you feel helpless, lifeless and impacts your quality of life. And even the smallest amount of pain can limit your capacity to move, eat, work and can be challenging to all forms of relationships.

By utilizing the techniques of Myoskeletal Alignment, Assisted Fascial Stretching, Thai Massage and other modalities, many of my clients respond well to manual techniques like graded exposure stretching that help in retraining the nervous systems response to pain and to specific pain patterns and help reduce threat responses associated with pain and help clients tackle their functional limitations.

You may be wondering what Graded Exposure Stretching actually is.  It's a manual therapy technique that gently stretches neuro-myo-fascia (think connective tissue - see other blog about fascia here!) at the feather edges and barely touches on the threshold of ones pain and then by utilizing and incorporating breath  work and gentle movement enhancement patterns we are able to change the perception of pain and some of the negative thoughts associated with pain.  The end result is reduced pain, restored mobility, changed behaviors and thoughts and patterns associated with pain and a normalization of sensation and more appropriate responses of our nervous system thereby enhancing quality of life.

Click Here and come see how assisted fascial stretching and Myoskeletal Alignment bodywork can aid in reducing pain and restore better mobility. 

I offer the best massage and bodywork for men in the Pasadena area I am honored you have stopped by. I look forward to working with you soon.

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