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Posted 03/07/2023 in Coaching by Peter

Podcast: Why the Gay Wellness site?

Podcast:  Why the Gay Wellness site?

I felt so honored to be interviewed by Rick Clemons on the whole purpose of the site, why it was created, and what it's intended for. If you're inclined to, give it a listen. Thanks so much for the interview Rick!

"Making your way through life as a gay man can be challenging. Then finding the right support whether that be for your mental, physical, or spiritual health can be even more challenging. Realizing this was a common issue for so many gay men, Peter DeWitt, founded Gay Wellness – a one-stop hub for finding therapists, coaches, yoga, masseurs, and much, much, more, all geared towards gay men and their unique needs. Today Peter shares his story of helping you get your gay wellness on."

Please give it a listen here.

And here's the podcast on Apple:

Also, if you know of other gay, bisexual, or queer or questioning men who want to be featured on the site, we welcome them with open arms. Feel free to pass on the love.

- Peter

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