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Posted 03/06/2023 in Massage by The Friendly Masseur

The Art Of Conversation (Or Lack Thereof)

The Art Of Conversation (Or Lack Thereof)

In the forum of massage, different guys connect in different ways. Some prefer some polite chatting at the start and end of their session. Others like discourse for the first few minutes they are on the table before they drift off to a deeper state of relaxation. Another ilk of clients enjoy banter through the whole massage and yet a small percent prefer only the barest of essential communication. 

Any of this is just fine with me. 

While I love to chat and connect with my clients, I am also quite happy to remain quiet and meditative. I enjoy learning about all kinds of people as much as I enjoy the artful application of massage work. Therefore, you are always welcome to engage me in all manner of conversation or to elucidate that you prefer silence or that you are ready to stop talking from any given point forward. 

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When you engange me for bodywork services, I see your time with me as your special dedicated time. 

With that first and foremost, it is my intention to help you to attain the most satisfaction and relaxation you can while we have the pleasure of each other's company.

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