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The Gay Men's Self-love Coach by Steve

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My Approach

I help gay men believe that they are good enough to live their dream life” 

3 month or 6 month 1on1 life coaching program. 2 calls a month, with unlimited text messaging support. 


Born and raised in New York City, Steve has a passion and purpose for helping others. His words are compelling, insightful, and are delivered with the pure intention to spread peace and love. Growing up in a latino household, the idea of being gay was sinful, disgusting, and out of the question. His true, authentic feelings of homosexuality left him feeling, bitter, scared, and damaged. He lived for years hating himself, and wishing he could be cleansed of his sexuality. He turned to sex as a means to receive the validation and praise which was lacking in his very being. But the promiscuous lifestyle left him feeling even more empty. It wasn't until the pain of feeling as a waste of space did Steve decide to make changes in his life. 

He began a spiritual path and found what he was truly looking for, self love. Now as a gay man's life coach, Steve is using his experience and knowledge as a tool in helping and guiding other gay men out of the darkness of self hate. No matter if you are 25,35,45,or 55, Steve provides guidance and support by mentoring the 14 year old boy within you. Attending Fiorello. H LaGuardia High School of music and Art & Performing Arts, Steve's love for music translates into his journalism. 

Graduating from the Swedish Institute, Steve's approach to healing unifies knowledge with talent for your overall and ultimate well being.

New York, New York
United States
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    Discounts are offered for people who pay upfront in full.

    I kick off the program with some written exercises the client can do before our first coaching call. The first coaching call is designed to go over all the areas of your life and what you wish to focus the most on.

    I began my healing and personal development journey back in 2017. In 2018 I hired a life coach for myself (who still coaches me) to help me in finding inner peace. After working with them for two years they highly suggested I become a coach myself. Due to the amazing progress I had made and the natural gift I have to heal people, it made sense and felt right.

    I focus my work on gay men. Ages 25-65. I have worked with men of all different races, ethnicities, and backgrounds.

    What are your biggest challenges emotionally, mentally, etc. Where do you feel stuck in life? What’s holding you back from following your dreams, goals, and aspirations? Are you ready and willing to do the work to get yourself to a place of fulfillment, happiness and confidence?

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