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I specialize in easing the strain of daily stress, as well as pain management, postural alignment and athletic recovery through traditional massage, deep tissue, fascial stretching and other manual modalities leaving you feeling refreshed and balanced.

As a massage therapist, I always felt that I had intuitive hands. I was trained as a concert pianist from an early age and it felt just as intuitive and natural to transition from the piano to working with the human body and to use my hands in such a natural intuitive space. 

I approach the body as a whole being - body, mind, spirit - and each session is a unique journey to soothe away stress and tension and is designed to bring you to a place of peace and comfort.   Every time I listen to the body, and it guides where we go through its own nuances by using either deep or light pressures and approaches that facilitate deep relaxation which enhances the body, mind and spirit connection for ultimate relaxation.

All sessions are customized for my clients preferences and comfort whether you want traditional massage styles like Swedish and deep tissue, to sports massage or want something more spiritual like Thai Massage or Lomi Lomi/Kahuna. If you suffer from chronic pain, I also offer myofascial work to help reduce pain and restore posture using assisted fascial stretching and myoskeletal alignment techniques.  More info below on types of bodywork offered.

I am typically booked 1 - 2 weeks out so last minute and same day appointments are rare. Please use the scheduling link to see availability and to self schedule around what is best for you.  Be sure to use code "GayWell10" when scheduling and this code is only available for self scheduling and NOT through me.  Thank you for your understanding. If you need more assistance - feel free to text. 

Types of Therapeutic & Manual & Massage Therapy Services offered:

FST/Fascial Stretch Therapy or Frederick Stretch Therapy:

FST is the safest and most pain-free method of stretching on the market and is so much better than the stretching franchises.  FST is the most effective assisted stretching modality for helping re-aligning the body, reducing pain and increasing mobility and performance.  And it is a great alternative to massage with longer lasting results.  Most of my clients prefer stretching for it's long lasting benefits and pain relief.


MMT/MAT - Master Myoskeletal Therapist & Alignment Technique & Massage:

This technique relies heavily on deep tissue and muscle activation techniques for the purpose of correcting posture and reducing pain.  By getting the muscular system and the nervous system to work together, it restores optimal balance and performance.  This came with in-depth study of anatomy, physiology and the psychological mechanisms of pain and how to address the root cause vs chasing pain and simply trying to sooth symptoms.


Thai Massage:

This table based modality combines compression, stretching, acupressure and reflexology, to get significant reduction in muscle tension which increases muscle flexibility and helps restore joint mobility. This carries over into improved athletic performance, boosted energy and other health benefits. For a floor based Thai Massage session and scheduling - contact me via email:


Lomi Lomi/Kahuna:

This luxurious, intimate and spiritual healing modality originated from Hawaii and combines breath work and mindfulness with intention.  It is a wonderful way to unwind, restore the body, mind and spirit and help the client to release anything that is holding them back.


My work can be tailored to your preferences and needs, so don't be shy about asking for traditional massage or bodywork such as Swedish, Sports, Deep Tissue, etc.  

Whether this is your first time visiting my profile or you’re already a regular client, I am delighted that you are here.  I have been doing massage and bodywork for men for over 30 years and Certified through the California Massage Therapy Council (CAMTC #86449).  You are welcome in my studio located in the heart of Old Town Pasadena (#oldpasadena), where I provide a warm, welcoming, safe, therapeutic and confidential space for the full spectrum of the LGBTQ+, Gay, Bisexual,  curious and trans men community. More information on packages and self scheduling can be found on my website Active Stretch Therapy

107 S Fair Oaks Ave
Pasadena, California 91105
United States
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In-Studio Rates
30 minutes
$75 - Sport Specific
60 minutes
90 minutes
120 minutes

Out-Call Rates
90 minutes
ASK - Limited Availability

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    Started practice in: 2017

    Certified Massage Therapist
    Sierra School of Integrative Therapies

    Ultimate Relaxation & Bodywork Reviews

    Submitted by Francisco on 04/09/2023

    Full Body and Heartfelt Experience

    Overall Rating

    I had a wonderful & deep therapeutic session with Jeremy.  He is very professional, knowledgeable, and caring and I knew that I was in great hands.  Knowing this, I was able to surrender to the experience and receive the myriad of therapeutic benefits of his stretch therapy.  I do lots of stretching myself, through yoga and Thai massage, but I had never experienced anything like this.  He was able to work and stretch my body to release tightness along my legs, hips, back, and neck.  Throughout the session, I felt the release of my connective tissue and felt how much more limber and relaxed my body felt after each release.  I felt relaxed and good throughout the session.  It felt amazing!  When the session was over, I felt that it was much more than stretching and fascia release.  I felt that this session penetrated not just my physical body, but also my emotional and spiritual body.  I felt that a lot of old stagnant emotional energy was released from my body.  Thank you Jeremy!

    Reply From Ultimate Relaxation & Bodywork

    Francisco - Thank you for the review.  It was a wonderful time and I am so thrilled to have helped you on the emotional journey!  It was beautiful session of sharing and connectedness.  Thank you for trusting me.  I look forward to next time!  JC

    Submitted by N/a on 01/31/2023

    World class

    Overall Rating

    Jeremy is truly a master of the healing arts,  combining his incredible knowledge and experience to bring a world class body work session. If you're looking for long lasting pain relief,  Jeremy is your guy

    Reply From Ultimate Relaxation & Bodywork

    I thank you for taking the time to write this review. I also know you wish to remain anonymous, and am glad to be on your health and wellness journey with you! JC

    Submitted by Niko on 12/12/2022

    hands down best massage I’ve ever had!

    Overall Rating

    I wasn’t sure what kind of service I was going to get from the providers on Gay Wellness but reaching out to Jeremy has been one of the best decisions of 2022. He is extremely knowledgeable and professional as well as kind and pleasant. He was able to identify and treat the specific pains in my neck and lower back within the first couple visits and I instantly started feeling better. I have booked out with him a month in advance, that’s how much he has helped me. <span style="-webkit-text-size-adjust: 100%;">He is a gentle giant that knows his stuff and has healing powers in his hands . I look forward to our appointment every time. It is a highlight of my week. </span>

    Reply From Ultimate Relaxation & Bodywork

    Thank you Niko! It is a pleasure to work with you and help you manage your pain and get you where you want to be. I enjoy our sessions as well and look forward to continuing to work with you. JC

    Submitted by David Ditman on 07/25/2022

    Absolutely Remarkable Stretch Therapy

    Overall Rating

    I have enlisted the services of Jeremy on numerous occasions. I have to say that the services and professionalism that Jeremy provides are unparalleled. Most importantly, I leave the sessions with an overall sense of well-being. The tension, aches and pains that I used to tolerate and live with, get addressed and resolved. Also, Jeremy is great at explaining how to maintain my body and better manage my unique physical challenges.

    Reply From Ultimate Relaxation & Bodywork

    David - Thank you! It has been a privilege to work with you - and such a wonderful journey! JC

    Submitted by Eric Jacobson on 07/13/2022

    Excellent way to feel younger

    Overall Rating

    I went to Jeremy for some help in becoming more flexible.  Although I've been an athlete all my life, I had definitely slowed down in the last few years as I hit the Big 5-0.  Even though I continue to work out, I felt that my movement and flexibility had deteriorated.  Joints ached more than before and I felt heavy with my movement.  Jeremy reversed all of that.  I felt ten years younger after leaving his office for the first time.  Since then, I've returned for many of his stretch sessions and have been delighted with the results each time.  Even with my daily stretching regime, Jeremy has the skill and equipment to go well beyond what I can do at home.  Furthermore, Jeremy has a particularly encouraging way of working with his clients.  He helped me to push beyond my limits with his patience and reassuring demeanor.  I never felt embarrassed for my lack of physicality; simply motivated to improve.  

    Reply From Ultimate Relaxation & Bodywork

    Eric - Thank you for this generous review and for entrusting me with your health and fitness goals. JC
    Dana Hursey

    Submitted by Dana Hursey on 04/04/2022

    Intuitive, Empathic, Knowledgeable, Professional!!

    Overall Rating

    Jeremy's work is SO AMAZING! He has brought insight and information to my treatments that no one else has been able to identify. He genuinely cares about addressing my specific issues and making sure my concerns are focused on. There is no "one size fits all" approach here! His use of multiple modalities means that my unique "pain points" are met with a solution that is just as unique. This is what body work SHOULD be!

    Reply From Ultimate Relaxation & Bodywork

    Thank you Dana! I have enjoyed our time together over the years and to see you progress in your health & fitness goals has been exciting to see! JC
    Peter DeWitt

    Submitted by Peter DeWitt on 04/01/2022

    Complete Relaxation

    Overall Rating

    I highly recommend Jeremy because he's very good at what he does. He took the appropriate time for a great assessment, and made sure I understood I wouldn't be in pain or discomfort at all. He targeted all my areas from the assessment without no discomfort!

    Reply From Ultimate Relaxation & Bodywork

    Thank you Peter! It was a pleasure to meet you and know more about your work as well! I look forward to working with you again soon! JC
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