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Finding Svadhisthana

Similar to exploring a new trail in Nature, you never know where a path may take you, and what you discover about yourself along the way. My yoga journey began in 2009 during a difficult time of transition in my life. Personally, I hit rock bottom, fell into a depression, and my self esteem tanked. A friend gave me wise advice to keep my body strong in order to keep my mind clear. I understood this mind/body connection and had never tried yoga but heard of its many benefits. 

From my very first class I knew I would continue this practice. The rigorous and challenging poses allowed my heart to crack open and allow the seed of yoga’s healing to fall in and take root. This self-nurturing slowly made me realize the power of yoga to improve my own psychological health, my mental well-being, and my physical body. It also taught my spirit to get up and stand on solid ground again. 

The benefits were gradual yet noticeable. I found my svadhisthana स्वाधिष्ठान, my “dwelling place of self.” From that center I grew and learned to flourish.

My journey of self-inquiry continued when I had the pleasure of attending my first queer yoga retreat through Queer Yoga Church in the summer of 2019. That one special weekend was a catalyst for my intention to dive deeper. I got hooked. I committed to learning more and within a few months, an opportunity presented itself. I attended my 200-HR training at YogaRiot in 2020 during the early days of the global pandemic. After graduating that summer I immediately began teaching online and at outdoor parks. I then continued my studies with an advanced 300-HR training through Grace’s Anatomy later that year. In December, on Winter Solstice, I launched Sunray Yoga to pay forward my gift, to pass the knowledge and medicine of yoga to my family, friends, and community both near and far.


Hi! I’m Sunray. I identify as a Queer Filipino-American who loves living among the majestic firs and snow-covered mountains of the Pacific Northwest. I’m a student of the Baptiste methodology and vinyasa yoga, and bring elements of Tai Chi, Qi gong, meditation, hot yoga, and restorative Yin practices to my classes. I like to foster calming yet playful energy on the mat and hope to create a space for curiosity, strength, and resilience during this time of loss and suffering. Whether you identify as queer, straight, transgender, BIPOC, non-binary or just uniquely you, you’re welcome in my classes. I look forward to being in community with you. 

I hope to form a sangha of other yogis where we learn from each other, not only to be better on the mat, but to find deeper meaning and become better humans at everyday life. I live with my partner and daughter in SE Portland where we’re renovating our home, learning to garden, exploring hiking trails, searching for Sasquatch, and trekking to the far parts of Cascadia on wilderness adventures.

Gay Men’s Nude Flow

This class is for men 18+ to connect in a community of other gay/bi/queer men. The intention is to hold a sanctuary space to be vulnerable and naked, (with video camera on), to maintain trust and respect for each other in the class and provide personal liberation and brotherhood. This deep, slow vinyasa practice includes maintaining postures for several breaths and is designed to build strength and resilience in your body & mind, while dissolving the societal shame associated with being naked. 75 minutes. Mondays @ 5pm PST 

(Zoom online)

Power Vinyasa Flow

Synchronizing controlled breath to movement, this fast flowing practice will build internal heat to strengthen and detoxify the entire body. The vigorous method includes sun salutations with a mix of grounding and balancing postures. Adaptable to various levels of skill and fitness, the challenging sequence provides many benefits to your physical, mental and emotional well being.  60 minutes. 

(Select schedule at Knot Springs, or Now Yoga PDX, and  by appointment.)

Guided Meditation

Through mindfulness and meditation, you can gain the skills to better manage your stress levels, gain perspective, increase patience, improve creativity and imagination. You can build a sense of calm within yourself as you focus on the present moment. Guided practices begin at 15 minutes while you work towards your own longer practices. Discussion following 30 minutes.

Slow Restorative Flow

Nourish your body with a slow grounded flow practice. Suited to beginners as well as experienced students who desire a slowed down, restorative flow using bolsters, pillows and blankets for added support. 75 minutes. (Select schedule at Knot Springs, or Now Yoga PDX, and  by appointment.)

Portland, Oregon
United States
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