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My Approach

I employ a variety of body awareness exercises (relaxation, meditation, body repatterining) to access and explore personal concerns and next steps in life. I can work with you specifically as a Life Coach or as a Movement Coach to enhance your workout routine or construct alternatives to standard workouts.

I enjoy helping clients connect to a deeper awareness of emotional and/or physical blocks by offering a space to slow down and consider dominant patterns in life hindering the expression of other possibilities both physically and/or personally.

I offer an introduction session at $100 for a 90 minutes private in-studio session. Single in-studio private sessions are also offered at a sliding scale. Additionally, Zoom sessions are available at a reduced price. Six session packages are available on a sliding scale for both in-studio and Zoom sessions.


With over thirty years of training and performing in theatre and dance, I have cultivated body awareness in tandem with confrontations with ego and personal choices. The ego’s challenges of doing attached to “better than” or “not good enough” can structure and/or stifle action. Somatic practices, bodywork of various forms, and psycho-therapeutic counseling have helped to unlock my body’s patterns, tensions, apprehensions, goals, and next steps. In my life, I have always found grounding in the body by allowing connection to conscious physical practices and the intuitive processes of the body are an essential starting point to recognize and engage challenges and questions about the unfolding path.

Combining my graduate degrees in Mythological Studies with an Emphasis in Depth Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute and Theatre: Contemporary Performance from Naropa University, I have an understanding of culture’s influence on our personal psyches and how the body expresses our personal relationships to self and other. I ground my sessions with a Jungian-based consideration of the psyche and a Buddhist contemplative approach to mindfulness. I funnel these approaches through the training techniques of performance to expand the toolkit for how to engage in the world as an expressive human being creative along life’s path.

San Francisco, California
United States
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Where I Work
San Francisco and online
60 minutes
$85 for online session
90 minutes
$150 per in-studio session/$120 for online session

I have been working with clients for the past eight years in Chicago and in San Francisco. My clients include both men and women seeking to explore and consider alternate choices for movement ease and potential. I work with clients in short term investigations, long term month to month investments, and periodic sessions to refine and shift practices and recalibrate awareness. 


I offer an in-studio introduction session for $100. After the introduction session future sessions can be done as part of a six session package at $1,000 or single sessions at $150. Except for the introduction session, all other pricing options are available on a sliding scale.

I invite clients to explore alternate ways to consider their movement and how their comfortable patterns both support and limit their perspective and potential. In my sessions time is taken to slow down and recognize tensions, habits, and levels of awareness to the moment and how the body is responding. These coaching sessions, either for Life Coaching or for Movement Coaching, are also supportive of other therapeutic approaches and exercise goals. Body Awareness Coaching is grounded in familiar approaches and also is an open field for change and exploration.

I love watching my clients make connections both physically and emotionally to access a new way of moving and risking in a moment, an opportunity, or new life possibilities. I am continuously in awe watching my clients discover different ways to connect with their body's potential through physical practices, mindfulness, and breath and sound work. I also love approaching each session creatively and responding to the client's needs with the various approaches, techniques, and insights I have cultivated over the years of study, training, teaching, performing, and creating.

I have worked with both men and women of varying age ranges. Many of my clients are gay men over the age of 50 seeking to change workout routines, alleviate points of continuous pain, or consider how to find more joy and expression in their movement and personal healing of past attachments and possibilities for change.

Body Awareness Coaching offers alternate ways to explore movement potential, practices for supportive physical connection, and the intersection of the body's dynamics and potential to personal life possibilities. Questions to consider are: -How do you see yourself using new movement practices? For supporting gym workouts? Opening up new movement possibilities for dance training, yoga, running, walking, or other forms of physical training or practice? -What is your interest in slowing down, connecting to mindfulness practices, and applying these awareness tools toward making different choices in your life and for your body? -Are you willing to consider how your body holds past trauma or tensions impacting connections with others and with self-awareness? Are you desiring to explore sexual or intimate possibilities and connections? -Are you ready to find a playful approach to movement and body patterns and potentials?

Jason Torres Hancock, MA, MFA Reviews

Submitted by Glen Jett on 02/19/2023

An integrated approach to awareness, movement, and wellness

Overall Rating

Jason expertly cultivates an atmosphere for introspection, awareness, presence, and growth.  He integrates his skill and deep understanding of movement as a dancer with elements and yoga, meditation, mindfulness, and spiritual healing.  I embarked on a six-session series targeting body awareness and movement.  It became quickly evident that this practice would enhance and strengthen my beginners interest in yoga - particularly for balance, flexibility, and core stability.  Jason assesses and meets you where you are, providing individualized guidance and coaching in a welcoming and nurturing space that promotes self-awareness.I highly recommend Jason as a guide and mentor in whatever journey you wish to take.  He has a healer's presence, physical skill, and aesthetic movement.

Submitted by Enzo Stuarti on 08/21/2022

Today's Lesson

Overall Rating

On the floor with Jason: such a luxury for someone lead me through journeys of consciousness of subtleties (as I saw it) of movement!  He has talked about movements people make as babies, and today for a moment it seemed like he and I were two babies near each other, he showing me things I could do - not at all a typical thought for me.  Therapy for those missing baby-community experience?  Mostly though, I just slowed down some from my more usual speed these days, and noticed things.

Reply From Jason Torres Hancock, MA, MFA

Wonderful you connected with your primary mover allowing you deeper access to receiving the movements offered by my example. Reconnecting to our developmental patterns grounds our movement potential to recapture patterns or move beyond limited perceptions of ourselves. Slowing down and noticing are the secrets for growth and change!
Stephen Teeple

Submitted by Stephen Teeple on 08/01/2022

Body Awareness: Learning How to Listen to My Body

Overall Rating

I’ve always described myself as very stiff-jointed, inflexible, and uncoordinated. Jason has helped me learn to move with more ease and grace; in new ways that I never even thought. One basic example is walking counter-laterally, instead of homo-laterally; and to walk with my whole body; instead of just focusing on my legs and feet. He often reminds me to really “listen” to my body. In the past, I always tried to match my movements; especially yoga poses, with other others; which often resulted in strains and injuries. My 1-on-1 sessions with Jason has greatly increased my “body awareness”; helped me unlearn old, movement patterns, and to discover new ones.

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Body Awareness Coaching
Body Awareness Coaching

Jason Torres Hancock, MA, MFA shares how Body Awareness Coaching enables clients to explore and more fully express... View More

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