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MANSCAPING (trimming and/or shaving)
If you are squeamish or nervous about waxing, manscaping is a fantastic alternative to rid yourself of excess body hair and accentuate form and definition.  A professional body trim, or manscaping, will bring out the best in you.

Here at SFManscaping, I use hard wax for a more gentle experience, except where soft wax is required to achieve the maximum results.  Waxing is strictly optional and may not be suitable for everyone.

Waxing can include the following (full or partial) options as you may desire:

Intimate waxing (brazilian, manzilian, brozilian, bikini, etc.)

Please email for a personal manscaping or waxing quote.


After nearly 10 years of toiling in the Human Resources profession, I came to the conclusion it was not as fun and exciting as when I first began. So, I asked myself, "what's next?".

After some intense soul searching, it dawned upon me: could massage therapy & esthetics be the answer?  I came to the epiphany that working with my hands, existing in the moment and engaging in one-on-one work is infinitely more rewarding and satisfying than instructing adults what they can or cannot do and how they must behave.  Non verbal communication and positive touch can be more powerful and profound than the mighty word.

My journey into massage began in August 2010.  In early 2011, I transitioned from a full time corporate job to a part time quest: practicing and building clientele for my new passions.  I completed massage school later that year and plunged into an esthetics program which I completed in 2012.  Thus began my evolution to the Financial District.
Basic male grooming has had such an amazing effect upon my clients that I wanted to continue to share this with others who find manscaping difficult to do.  As a massage therapist, I was impressed at how basic massage had such a tremendous impact on stressed individuals.  With my own recent career change, I wanted to help others not simply settle for what is, but to achieve the best in themselves, to make small but significant changes.

My goal is to help you look and feel great through grooming services, waxing, back treatments and with therapeutic massage.  I am passionate and love what I do!  My hope is that it shows through the care you receive each time you visit and you always leave feeling relaxed, refreshed and ready to take on the world!

Thank you for joining me in this journey and I hope I can share my passion with you soon.

Be well, Gil

San Francisco, California
United States
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