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Focused on community // We find practicing naked brings us closer // Shedding our outer armor and finding our inner warriors

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Our history began as a small group of 5-10 guys together in a West Hollywood apartment in the early 2000s, and following the lead of what Aaron Star created with HOT NUDE YOGA in NYC. Victor came across this group after moving to LA from Rome, and was soon assisting and then teaching. Classes moved from that cramped space to renting yoga studios by the hour as the number of guys looking to join us grew. We discovered that guys really needed what we had to offer-community, consciousness, and spiritual fulfillment outside of bars and nightlife culture. 

"Classes and workshops have always been designed to excite and stimulate you through a journey of exploration of the male physique, strengthen your body, and connect to your best version of yourself. We believe that shedding our clothes is a symbolic way of stripping away the armor that protects us from the outside world, and allows us to be more connected to each other. You can expect classes to be sensual but not sexual*, as we create a safe, positive place for every man of every shape, size and sexuality to take this journey together. "      

                                                                                                   -Victor, founder NWY

In February 2020, we took our first steps toward online instruction and live-streaming as the world was gripped by the Covid-19 pandemic. It has been a huge success and we have been fortunate to meet so many guys around the world in this way! NWY has members in all 50 US states and more than 35 countries worldwide! Our app has close to 4,000 guys who post stories, share photos, and connect with each other through class daily. As of February 2022, we have taught over 2100 online classes, and we've opened the doors to a brand new studio of our very own in West Hollywood, California! 

We are fortunate to have awesome instructors from all over the world. We organize several international and local retreats throughout the year that are designed for men who want to explore life through memorable moments and find connections on a deeper level. Thanks to you, this community continues to grow and we share the joy of practicing together naked with more and more men* every day!

*Tantra-themed classes explore sexual principles and practices, but as always, you determine your comfort level and consent to participate. At NWY,  providing a safe, welcome place for all to be a part of this community is our mission and promise to you. 









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Gay Men's Yoga Reviews

Peter DeWitt

Submitted by Peter DeWitt on 05/10/2022

Go-to for queer men's yoga

Overall Rating

They are my go-to for queer men's community. I love yoga - but I LOVE doing yoga here, where guys feel free to be themselves. To shed all inhibitions and get aligned in body in mind! Look forward to more. Peter

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