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Based in Los Angeles, MASC provides wedding and event grooming services tailored to the needs of queer, trans, non-binary, and masc-of-center folx. We focus on helping all grooms look their best and feel seen on their special day.  

Queer-owned business. Wedding services for the modern grooms: sometimes women, non-binary folx. All MASC! 


MASC aims to revolutionize and normalize the queer wedding experience by offering grooming and styling for the MASC of center on their big day. 


Sher styles the groom to make sure they look on-point and feel spectacular for their big day. This package includes on-site services on the day of the wedding for the groom. Sher also provides on-site services for the groom and their groomsfolx on the event day.  Services include:

  • Hair touch-up and styling

  • Facial hair grooming

  • Stress relieving scalp massages

  • Rejuvenating hand massages

  • Express Facials

  • Express Manicures

  • Wardrobe check

  • Wardrobe stylist can be procured in advance by request

  • Shaves

Listed rates are for LA-based events. For MASC events outside the LA area, travel expenses may be added. Final fees will be outlined during the consultation process. 

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MASC was created by Sher Smith, an Appalachian Queer LA transplant, based in West Hollywood. Sher is a licensed cosmetologist with over a decade of experience providing clients with sophisticated, yet structured styles. She has a passion for masculine cuts/grooming and takes pride in creating a genuine connection all around. 

queer barber in Los Angeles

During her time in Knoxville, TN she worked with local organizations to support the LGBTQ+ communities with various resources to promote inclusion and acceptance. Fusing her passion for the community and her craft, she created MASC after recognizing that there was no one providing men’s grooming services, especially prioritizing the unique needs of the queer community, for formal events. 

Her motivation is to work with grooms and their groomsfolx to celebrate their style and help them present as their most authentic selves on their wedding day. Her hope is that LGBTQ+ folx feel more seen, understood, validated and included. She wants everyone to feel pampered and uplifted, validated and embraced! 

West Hollywood, California
United States
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