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Newark, NJ

Longtime Professional Dancer, Yogi, Aerialist, AcroYoga

Los Angeles, CA

I’ve been teaching people ever since I was 16. It’s my belief that if you are blessed with a special skill it’s your duty to share it with

Calgary, AB

As an actor, singer and dancer I’ve always been fascinated by the human body and its ability to express and articulate. Since I started teaching yoga

Los Gatos, CA

Eli Yan is a lifelong yoga student, and dynamic movement instructor. Eli Yan is a lifelong yoga student, and dynamic movement instructor. Eli is a certified

Los Angeles, CA

At Pür Joy Yoga, the intention is simple. Here we remind you that joy is innate and unconditional. Pür Joy is inexhaustible and within you at all

West Hollywood, CA
5/5 (1 Review)

Our history began as a small group of 5-10 guys together in a West Hollywood apartment in the early 2000s, and following the lead of what Aaron Star created

Portland, OR

Hi! I’m Sunray. I identify as a Queer Filipino-American who loves living among the majestic firs and snow-covered mountains of the Pacific Northwest.

Mountain View, CA

E-RYT 500. Content Creator. TikTok Nerd. Uplift Master. Wellness Besty. Game Changer. Funny AF. Check out my linktree HERE . A.K.A:   Will or

Los Angeles, CA

I offer private one-on-one yoga lessons, as well as group classes, in person and online. I primarily teach a Hatha-based practice that combines physical postures

Phoenix, AZ

When we are naked we are all the same!

Los Angeles, CA
5/5 (1 Review)

From age 20-28 I lived in an intentional community based on yogic principles, and this gave me a strong foundation in the teachings of yoga - not just the

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